About Stambh

“Stambh” is a Trust, established in 2007, which pursues its motive of preserving and promoting the art forms susceptible to disappearance. We have largely succeeded in reviving several artifacts of Sohrai, Kohvar, Dokra, Pathkar, Jaduparia, etc. which were losing identity over time. As an NGO we may have covered just a few steps from the journey of miles, still we acknowledge our team for being persistent and successful in their efforts.

Attempts to treasure the disappearing arts continue to be sustained by our organization. To find artists of local art forms, such as Sohrai, Kohvar, Pathkar, Jaduparai, Madhubani, Saura etc., bring them to practice, train people (especially women) in rural areas of these pictorial art representations, help artists gain due respect and identity and to promote their artifacts, handicrafts remain the epicenter of all our efforts. Our small Kunba got matured over time. Maturity and lifelike depiction of art forms enabled us to achieve the recognition we have today. The small group of artists has transformed into a growing family.

The Trust is progressive in generating employment opportunities for local artists, acknowledging their potential and making the people self-dependent. It is the result of the relentless hard work of the organization that women , to be more specific, have received proper training and become self-reliant over the period of time.